The Monumental Deck
Note the nice GALVANISED steel posts.
Quite a few people (builders and engineers) commented on how NICE my holes were. Well, they did take me quite a while to dig, entirely by hand.

After gaining resource consent late in 2004, construction of our new DECK is now under way at last.


The North Post in position.
South Post in position

6 July - Concrete truck arrives and the posts are now permanent. Gee I hope they are in the right places.

18 July - The BIG BEAM arrives on a monstrous sized truck. ->

Click for larger picture
19 July - All the holes have been drilled, a coat of primer then handrails are welded in place. Now the beam lifters are positioned.
Beam Lifters in place
The beam is bolted in place
28 July, the joists are going up ...
August 2 - rapid progress - Joists and Nogs V
^ Now the Builder, Simon Marshall moves rapidly into Action. (even in the rain)
Ph 021 614 758 / 04 934 9692 for a great builder.
Viewed from the Street
South End view